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About Us:

Woolagain is the result of a joint venture established 15 years ago with our partners in India. Post consumer wool garments are gathered and sorted for content and shade. The clothes are then scoured, cut, and returned to staple fiber. (See Process link)

Our recycled wool can be used for weaving or knitting, and is offered in 31 colors as a result of garments being sorted by shade.  There is no additional dying in the recycling process. With the Woolagain program we are able to implement the idea of reusable, renewable, recycled fibers that gives garments destined for landfills a second life.


Woolagain recycled products, the smart choice in wool.




Woolagain is a division of The Brickle Group. We are a third generation textile company specializing in many facets of the wool textile trade. Our businesses include raw fiber recycling to manufacturing wool yarn, felt fabric and finished blended products.


Our Mission:


Woolagain's mission is to be a leader in recycling post consumer wool into high quality yarns for both knitting and weaving. Our goal is to provide manufacturers with our recycled yarns to continue the sustainability of the already earth friendly fiber.